About The Card

What is the I Heart My Pet rewards program?

Calgary’s Community Standards launched the I Heart My Pet rewards program to say thanks to the thousands of Calgarians who have licensed their pets. Over 110,000 dogs and over 39,000 cats are licensed, making Calgary a pet-licensing leader among North American cities!

Heart your pet, heart the rewards

Now you can feel even better about being a responsible pet owner. With the I Heart My Pet rewards card, recover the cost of licensing through discounts on products and services offered by more than 60 vendors.

How do I get my rewards card?

You will receive your I Heart My Pet rewards card attached to your license certificate when you renew an existing license or purchase a new license for your pet

Get in on the program.

To license your pet and/or receive your I Heart My Pet rewards card, call 311 or visit www.calgary.ca and type “I Heart My Pet” into the search box.


When will I receive my “I Heart My Pet” rewards card?

Rewards cards are sent out monthly with licence renewal notices.

What does the “I Heart My Pet” rewards card do for me?

When you present your rewards card to any of our partner vendors, you’ll receive special discounts and rewards on a ton of products and services.

When does the card expire?

The rewards card is valid for the duration of your pet’s license. You will receive a new card each year upon renewal of your pet’s license.

How do I license my pet?

Obtain or renew your pet licence